A downloadable game for Windows

This is MY Planet is a side-scrolling shooter inspired by the Metal Slug series and is my first game. This game is about a race of Rat People from the Moon wanting to invade the Earth. You play as Donny, a cyborg built by the Earth People to defend their planet.

The game has 3 areas and each one adds new enemies to make things more challenging. The game has no failure state, it's pretty much about racking up as high a score as possible until the game ends. However, if you lose all your lives, you get a score penalty so you still have to watch out.

It also has 2 unlockable extras which I wont explain what they are here (you''ll just have to play the game for yourself to see them)

That's pretty much all you ned to know, the controls are explained in the game.

If any of you find any bugs or glitches, please contact me immediately so I can fix them.

Install instructions

Download, extract and run TIMP.exe to play the game.


TIMP.zip 28 MB